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Invisible Truth

Much of my identity and understanding of the world around me was shaped through the lens

of organized religion. I was taught from a young age that there is no truth outside of the

word of God, and that if I made choices outside of the doctrine, I would be criticized. In

making this work I create my own spirituality through the transformation and analysis of

those memories.

I create my work with a large format camera equipped with a pinhole lens. The image is

captured on a sheet of film by light passing through the small hole. These cameras require

long exposures, which allow meditative moments and a reflection on what I am creating. For

this project I used a film that is more sensitive to UV light and gives the figure an ethereal

glow and brightness to highlights. I employ handmade photographic printing processes such

as palladium and gum bichromate. These time intensive processes allow me to watch the

image transform and change through the layering, much as I do through the making of my


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