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Light As Identity

As a person with physical differences that I can’t control I deal with feelings of alienation. My work is an expression of the psychological impact those feelings have on me and my interpretations of others. Much of my identity was shaped by traumatic childhood experiences and family interactions, but how I see myself and the world has changed as I grow older. I am fascinated by the human ability to transcend pain and retrieve something of value from it. My work is about this per- sonal evolution, and the act of creating the work provides the opportunity to con- sider aspects of past memories in a new light.

I create my work with a lensless large format camera. The image is captured on a sheet of film by light passing through a small hole. These cameras employ long exposures which allow meditative moments and a reflection on what I am creating. I employ alternative printing processes such as palladium and gum bichromate. These time intensive processes are a way to meditate with the image and watch it transform and change, much as I do through the making of my work.

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